Hamas: Sinai will not be part of Palestine | RTNews24


In light-weight of studies that the US will talk to Egypt to concede section of Sinai to generate a Palestinian condition, Hamas Main Ismail Haniyeh stressed yesterday that no section of Sinai would be aspect of Palestine.Haniyeh pressured that Gaza would broaden in the north, but not in the south, towards Sinai.In the meantime, he hailed the “victory” of the Palestinian prisoners inside of Israeli jails as the Israeli profession authorities agreed to their demands.Following eight days, the Palestinian detainees in the Israeli jails finished on Monday their open-ended hunger strike soon after the Israeli profession agreed on their demands.Haniyeh noted that the Israeli profession made use of the “most painful fist” versus the Palestinian detainees, exclusively in Negev and Ramon Prisons, beating and wounding dozens of them.Browse: Egypt reaffirms its job as mediator pushing Israel to sign truce“We created it crystal clear that no continuous understandings can be attained except if the challenge of the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails is solved,” Haniyeh explained with regards to mediation talks among the movement and Israel which are staying mediated by Egypt.“We requested Egypt to notify the occupation to stop all sanctions imposed by the Israeli Jail Provider, take out the jamming units, provide good residing conditions to the prisoners, allow their family members to visit them and put in landlines within prisons.” resource MIM